Guess the Date and Time Contest

Official Rules
Jenny and Eddie (shown in blue) have voted for fun only (ie. Our votes do not count at all).

In order to be the winner, you must guess the date correctly, and be the closest to the time (over or under, not "Price is Right" style). In the event of a tie, both people who guessed the closest will be the winner, and we will award 2 prizes (1 for each winner). After the baby is born, I (Eddie) will post the results as soon as I arrive back home.

Only 1 vote per person, but if you have a spouse that would like to take a guess as well, feel free to have him/her vote as well. Please no votes after the baby has been born, all votes are final at the moment the baby is born. If for any reason, you need to change your vote, please contact Jenny or Eddie to have your vote changed.

Good luck, and let the guessing begin, have fun.
Prize - $50 Gift Certificate to dinner (Your choice, such as Outback, Texas Roadhouse, Red Lobster, etc.)